As a hosting solutions provider, you trust us to keep your site running quickly and reliably. We have responded to that trust since 1994.

Hosting your Web site may be no more than a few carefully wrought pages, or it may run to dozens or even hundreds of pages. You may need a database for a special interactive application, or scripted Web pages for dynamically created content. We understand those needs, and we are ready to provide them.

We provide PHP for active Web content; we provide database services with the MySQL® database engine.

We have hosted WordPress® sites for years, and we understand how powerful the platform can be. Because WordPress and its themes and plugins can have occasional security issues, we have special processes in place to monitor that the base version of WordPress is up to date.. We do  require that you keep your site up to date, for the security of your site and of the server as well. Keeping the site up to date is part of being a good neighbor to other sites on the server.

We have hosted e-commerce sites since 1996, and we understand how important that can be to your business. Because of the sharp rise in web site hacking incidents and the greatly increased cost and risk to the merchant if personal financial information is compromised, we require that credit card information must never pass through your web site. This is possible with services such as PayPal® and Stripe®; there are others as well. Major content management systems, including WordPress, fully integrate these clearing services, meaning you can avoid the time consuming and costly PCI certification process.

Some search engines are beginning to give higher rankings to sites that serve all content over secure, encrypted connections. We can install a digital certificate for your web site to that end.

These are among the services that we routinely provide to our clients. If your site has unique requirements, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to discuss them with you.